Emiliano Marcou

n this year’s GNTM cycle, a couple was created, this one between Emiliano Marcos and Mariagapi Xypolia, with the two of them continuing to be together.

The young model spoke to the camera of “Happy Day” and referred to both his progress in the game and his partner.

“GNTM only brought me good. I do not like to lose, so maybe I was different on TV, more intense. I think people now understand who I am,” he said of his involvement in the reality show.

For his beloved, Mariagapi Xypolia, he said: “My relationship with Mariagapi was not for watching TV. We are together and we will be for a long time. We have a lot in common and we trust each other with our eyes closed. There is selfless love. “I support everything. I got her a gift from Milan. Something bright and symbolic, but it is not a ring. Cohabitation comes second, we have other priorities.”

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