It is not the first time that Grimes (33) and her partner Elon Musk (49) are strange. In fact, the couple is already known for their striking choices and in the meantime it’s that time again. The Canadian singer has shown her new tattoo on her Instagram account and it is – to say the least – quite bizarre.

It is not the first time that the Canadian has made a striking revelation on Instagram. For example, at the end of March, Grimes announced that she was ready to die on Mars. “Ready to die with the red sand of Mars under my feet,” the 33-year-old wrote with a photo of herself at the time. And now Elon Musk’s girlfriend is raising eyebrows. On her social media you can see how she got a fairly remarkable tattoo.

White ink

The photo that Grimes shared shows her having a series of white lines tattooed on her back. At first sight it looks like a serious mess, but according to the singer, she thought up the creation down to the last detail together with a designer. She herself describes her acquisition, which is set with white ink, as ‘beautiful alien scars’.

“For now I don’t have a better picture, because it still hurts a lot and I really need sleep,” Grimes writes with her post on Instagram. “It will also look red for a few weeks, but then I will have beautiful alien scars on my back.”

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