Renewed as never before and impressively elegant as few women on the small screen, Eliana Chrysikopoulou imagines to be truly a television child of Eleni Menegaki.

Having served next to her, for about 8 years, all under the roof of Alpha TV, having traveled by her side all the special route until the day of the grand finale in the summer of 2020, the well-known journalist is ready to catch the story right from there who left her. Because as he states, the book “Eleni Menegaki” is so big that it is still in the middle of their common path.

Did you expect to return to Eleni?

For a start, I did not know if Eleni would return. She is not lying, and she did not know it. When we broke up, we did not say we would say it again for sure. But we had closed with a colon, it was not a dot.

Was it something you were sure would happen?

I feel like I’m only halfway there. The book “Menegaki” is so big, it’s huge that I did not feel for a moment that I have taken it all or given it all, so I wonder what new I have to find to offer or what I still have to get that I do not already know. !

Has your role in the show expanded, being the only woman next to Eleni Menegaki?

No! And I do not mean that you will not see anything new. Of course you will see new things. For a start, I am different myself. Every year that passes over us, on TV and normally, fills us with experiences. Do you think on TV how I want to be, what I want to communicate with people, what are my sensibilities? I will definitely be different, but the format of the show will not be different to find a new position. I feel more mature myself.

What flavor did last season leave you with?

Very good! I fell into the soft. I worked with a group of people who had a great appetite for TV and a lot of energy. In the very difficult days when everyone was locked in their house, we had the pleasure of being on set. But one of my greatest joys was that such a smooth transition to MEGA took place. I went straight to a channel I loved since I was a kid, who always wanted to work. I may have worked for a year, then with “Jenny Jenny”, but maybe because it was a difficult time for the station, I did not have much contact.

How do you feel just before the new beginning?

Now I feel part of the channel. It is a new beginning for everyone that draws me and gives me energy. in a new channel that gives it all right now. Eleni is a presenter … gazati, with a lot of fun and appetite, and we with her, the whole team.

Is it difficult to do TV entertainment these days?

I do not know if it is difficult, but many people think it is easy.

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