The Eliana Chrysikopoulou not hide his love for Evia and it seemed now that the area affected by consecutive fires.

So, the journalist decided to become a volunteer at a food collection center for the fire victims. In fact, she posted a relevant photo on her personal Instagram account, asking her online friends to help.

“Yesterday we were 5, today we were 15, 25 and others keep coming. And together come the orders from the supermarkets, the motorbikes from the online delivery, citizens with alarms who unload and leave. Aristophanous 12, Psyrri, until midnight. needs are many and do not end, because houses are still burning, areas are being evacuated, people are on the road Pharmacy items for burns, painkillers, dry food and snacks, water, juices, toiletries, refrigerators, gloves, everything is useful The best way to see the needs that arise at any time are the stories of @act4evoia & @ act4peloponnese Bring what you can and – if you can – bring yourself a hand for a while. the moment the truck loads, we applaud it and say “goodbye””, characteristically wrote Eliana Chrysikopoulou.

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