Eleonora Meleti returns to our TV receivers from the next season on MEGA, telling us every day a “Good morning Mega”. It has not been long since the official announcement of the station for this new TV project, and Eleonora Meleti wanted to share the joy with her online friends.

In particular, the favorite presenter posted on her personal instagram account two photos of her from the glamorous photo shoot that took place for the needs of her new show. Through the caption of the post, she appeared very excited about this new move but also about the dream team of “Mega Kalimera” as she chose to call it “not arrogant but because it is the team of her dreams”. Eleonora Meleti wanted to introduce to the public Costas Tsouros, Florida Petroutseli and Thanasis Patras through her eyes.

Specifically, he wrote: ” You do not know what joy I have today … we did the photo shoot for the new season at @ megatvcom … with the unexpected (would keep secrets) but, the first photos of the magical hands of Tassos Vrettos!

You still not to have photos with the dream team, but they will come soon! I call it the dream team not arrogantly but because it really is my dream team!

It is a great thing to work with people you always wanted to work with and they did not force you I’m very lucky because this year we will say every day a MEGA GOOD MORNING, company with people that I do not just appreciate but LIKE with my heart.

@tsouroskostas. One name many stories! Stories that he has told us through his many years of experience and his presence on television and in the press offices,
but also our own, personal stories, with laughter (and cries) confessions, and holidays in Skiathos. If I want to say something to Kostas, it is this: κωωωστααα…. Elaaaaa we will kaaaaaaana bananaaaaaana! (something of ours)

@florindu or “floreta”. A girl I met in 2008 when I went to the star and together with the other crazy kids, we opened the alternative very morning zone, with a show that wrote its trial story on the TV charts. Since then I won a very good colleague, who turned into a friend and over the years we are now a family, and partners. TANTO my little Italian.

@patras_thanasis we have known each other for years. There is a mutual esteem that would have led to cooperation earlier, but beyond the COVID pandemic, there is also the pandemic of “drying out” by “experts” on TV! Fortunately, this year we will hear on TV all the good things he has always said out of his teeth in recent years on the radio!

I fly from my joy, and I am waiting for how to start!

Of course we will NOT be alone but with a strong team of the best in reporting and our nice that I will introduce you little by little over time!

The baguette will be shaken by @vasilisgrigoropoulos and the magic direction buttons will be played on the fingers by @natioannou who we always did “broadcast!” 

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