Eleni Menegaki

There are more and more rumors that want Eleni Menegaki to be one step ahead of accepting the proposal of the people of MEGA .

As it has already become known, the famous presenter has explained to the people of Vangelis Marinakis’s channel what exactly she wants to do with her return to television, while according to the “Free Press” it may be a “matter of time” the final agreement of the two sides.

In fact, the “white check” that MEGA has given to Eleni Menegaki does not only aim at high ratings, which in any case will be satisfactory for such a TV comeback, but mainly at the dynamics that Eleni Menegaki has towards the advertising market.

This article typically states that “Eleni” for Alpha has been an uninterrupted source of cash in the channel’s coffers for a number of years, something that MEGA aspires to achieve by achieving a collaboration with Eleni Menegaki.

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