September 25, 2021

Eleni Menegaki in front of her mirror

Being Eleni Menegaki is not an easy task. In fact, when you choose to abstain for another year, to change the channel, to “tease” your show, to announce your return and finally to go back behind the glass, the thing gets bigger.

So as you know, Eleni is back. Not the show, Eleni. And how much Eleni is “Eleni”? Are you confused? What I want to write is so complex. In simple Greek, the show “Eleni” has to do with how Eleni Menegaki is. And this Monday, Eleni was anxious. Not to be good on TV, it is always flawless. He was anxious to find the viewer’s pulse again. Do not believe that these people, so deeply and unquestionably successful and full, have no insecurities. Monday’s show was made to tune in to her new data. “Good evening” was said to convince everyone that Eleni Menegaki is on TV again.

Technically, let’s admit that the new “Eleni” has a strange image. Never before has her scene been so “adult”. Alpha, white, pink and blue are missing. The girly cloud is missing, it was replaced by the chic environment of an adult woman. There is green, brown and gray. That signifies something I think, a character. Heavier, less glossy, quite chic. Can you tell me how much a show that devotes almost an hour to a non-stop program of Natasa Theodoridou costs? Maybe even enough. The laughter, the clichés, the old ones are missing. We saw the direct communication with the lens, the normal dialogue with the partner. The identity on TV.

On the other hand, the content was loud there. You do not choose by chance to refer to 9/11, to what happened that dark day in US history. You do not bet at once on the favorite film festival of Theodore Koutsogiannopoulos. And you do not accidentally pass a regular guest, inviting your most famous, famous person to lead the way in joy. Yes, Eleni does not do what everyone else does, she does something of her own. Which may show off Broadway topics, but I’m sure its immediacy will make it change direction. After all, if you are a spectator, you already know that. In Eleni you will not hear about Bachelor and Big Brother, you will not learn about cheap domestic sabotage for an instagram account, you will not see a reality player in his first interview after leaving. These are for others. And they do well and others play them. “Eleni” moved so as not to meet them, so as not to be forced to include them in her ladder.

So the identity of “Eleni” once again was one: fine content. In what wrapper he chooses to serve us this, is another grandfather’s Gospel. It’s a matter of aesthetics now if her show fills you. Anyway she is the best presenter right now. Its only competitor is its own mirror. He will tell her if she does well what she decided, the viewer will show her the way to the next phase of the TV life that has just begun.