Just a few weeks ago, Elena Christopoulou with a photo on Instagram revealed the new big change in her appearance. More specifically, the well-known model manager was left in the hands of the renowned hairstlylist and her good friend Nikola Villiotis and dared to cut her hair quite close, in a bowl cut, similar to what Charlize Theron had done a few years ago.

Now with a new photo of her, Elena Christopoulou made her fans wonder if she also changed the color of her hair. As you will see below, her dirty blonde hair looks strawberry pink, an unexpected hair look for the manager that we still do not know if it is real or a product of photo editing.

Her new hair look excited her followers on Instagram, who gave her photo thousands of likes in just a few minutes. We could not help but identify the incredible resemblance that the model manager now has with Anastasia Perraki.

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