Elena Christopoulou made statements on the camera of “Happy” and spoke about the television future of Iliana Papageorgiou and Danae Barka. He even referred to the recent complaint made by Penelope Anastassopoulou against a well-known actress.

Specifically, he said: “At the moment I have 12 girls and there are some new ones that I make, I prepare them. As far as I know Danae will be in the morning zone next year . It is not announced by me, but I do not think it happens Eliana remains on the channel. She has a specific contract and everybody is happy . I do not know if she will do anything else. We will see when they talk about the new season. I imagine no one has spoken yet. The times are strange, the specific presenters and will make their appointments when needed “.

As for whether he will do the same TV, he said: “I generally hear a lot about us, without us. Everything in the game is. People do not have to watch TV to be well.”

Finally, regarding the recent complaint of Penelope Anastassopoulou against a well-known Greek actress and director, he said: “We constantly discuss many things with Penelope. He is a man of character, very serious in what he says and does. I could never talk about them. that has passed “.

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