Elena Asimakopoulou was among the thousands of our fellow citizens who were forced to flee their homes due to the fires that have plagued the country in recent days. Together with her husband Bruno Cirillo and their daughter Maria Rosaria, they left their home in Agios Stefanos in order to escape the fire.

In relevant posts on her personal social media, the well-known actress informed her online friends that both she and her family are in good health.

In fact, wanting to reassure her followers who apparently flooded her with messages of human interest, she uploaded two stories where she explains that all three of them are fine, having now left their home.

Wishing all the best, she did not fail to express her grief for the “troubles of a life that went into two suitcases”.

Specifically, he wrote: “We are fine. We left our house and left. May God put his hand. The toils of a life in two suitcases. My soul hurts”

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