One of the most anticipated Kickstarter games has come through E3. We have a trailer for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, but there’s still a lot to play.

If you’re one of those people who enjoyed Suikoden back in your day, you’ll surely know what game we’re talking about. One of Kickstarter’s biggest hits and a spiritual successor that many of us have been waiting for has been shown for the first time in motion. Here we have a wonderful Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundres Heroes Trailer .

The game comes from the hand of Rabbit & Bear Studios, whose series chief is neither more nor less than Yoshitaka Murayama, in charge of Suikoden I and II in his time. As we see in the video, it will work with graphics in the so-called 2.5HD and its gameplay is based on a classic role-playing system in which we can control six characters at the same time. But, as the name suggests, there will be a few additional amounts (up to 100).

Unfortunately, the game has a pretty long release date for itself. We won’t see it until 2023. Of course, from launch day, we’ll have it directly on Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PCs since 505 Games, the distributors, have made an agreement with Microsoft to bring it to their platforms. consoles. So, for now, we’ll have it exclusively on console .

The other game that we also talked about is Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, a city management game that takes place in the same game as the previous one. This is a spin-off originally announced for mobile phones, but it will finally arrive on all Microsoft consoles and PCs in 2022 and also on Game Pass. In fact, what we get in this game can be passed on to Hundred Heroes.

So a two for one and a launch that was not expected at all at the conference. See how there are always surprises?

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