Three years ago, the Voronins were closed, but viewers are revisiting the series today.

The Voronin family for 24 seasons fell in love with millions of viewers not only in Russia, but also in the world. The project was filmed for 10 years. The show was closed in 2019, but the audience did not forget their favorite characters, and the famous phrase “Egyptian power!” long gone to the people.

According to the authors of the project, the secret of the Voronins’ success is simple: it is a family story, very vital and kind. She talks about people who sincerely love each other, help, look for ways out of difficulties, screenwriter Artem Lempert shared in an interview with Kinopoisk .

In addition, the characters turned out to be very bright and charismatic. All thanks to the acting of Boris Klyuev, Ekaterina Volkova, Georgy Dronov, Anna Frolovtseva, Stanislav Duzhnikov and many others.

Egyptian power

Few people know, but Voronins is an adaptation of the most popular American show Everyone Loves Raymond. Authors from across the ocean even helped Russian directors and screenwriters. But there were plenty of complications. How to make a show interesting for the Russian audience from a deeply American project with ideas and problems “encoded” for that audience?

At first, they tried to adapt the project serially, but some parts would simply be incomprehensible. Then the authors either skipped the series, or invented their own. This is how jokes were born that successfully fit into the DNA of the Russian audience. Well, just remember this one:

“All women’s talk shows end the same way: she’s right, he’s a jerk.”

How about the famous one:

“Look how many channels! This is heaven, Kostya, I want to die on your couch”?

The Voronins film crew does not plan new seasons. 500 episodes were filmed, the project has long departed from the original and gained independence. Georgy Dronov said that the death of Boris Klyuev, who played Nikolai Petrovich, in 2019 was the final chord in the life of the project, but the authors did not name the official reason.

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