Today, working in the world of video games is the dream of many young people in France . In order to train them in the best possible way in the different professions that make up this booming sector, there are now establishments specializing in the training of future gaming pros. Whether it is to reach the high level in eSport or to acquire the necessary skills to work in the professions related to gaming, the training offered by these schools is of high quality. In order to benefit from the best possible training, the EGS School of Bordeaux stands out today for the quality of its speakers and its support for its students. Discover all the strengths of this Gaming School here.

EGS School: an establishment for video game enthusiasts

The world of gaming is a sector in its own right and which has become more and more professional in recent years. To be able to access the new digital professions, it is essential to have the appropriate training to master all the necessary skills as well as possible. Since traditional university training does not allow you to benefit from an education adapted to the challenges of this sector, there are now quality training courses with gaming schools . Within these establishments, it is professionals from the sector and former professional players who come to support the students in their training.

At the EGS School in Bordeaux, the objective is to best prepare students for their professional future in the world of gaming. Depending on the profile of each student and their desires, a tailor-made program is set up to ensure appropriate and flexible learning. Thanks to this personalization of training, students can improve on the points that they themselves have selected and thus train more quickly and in depth for their future profession. To best meet everyone’s professional wishes, the EGS School now provides opportunities for the various video game professions: pro player, communicator, streamer, developer, etc.

A tailor-made learning path adapted to each student

The EGS School of Bordeaux offers innovative and intelligent training since it does not impose a general program on its students. To ensure the best support and to truly advance each student, this school relies on tailor-made training. Each student can thus best adapt his courses and the skills he wishes to work on in order to achieve his professional goals. This flexibility thus makes the training more interesting and more effective.

In order to facilitate the learning and the acquisition of the skills of its students, the EGS School consists of a campus in Bordeaux and a virtual campus. In the 2,500 m² premises in Bordeaux, the pupils of this establishment have access to quality infrastructure and high-performance equipment to learn in the best possible conditions. Thanks to their access to the virtual campus, the students of the EGS School have the possibility of training at any time and at a distance, a significant advantage for learning at their own pace. Thanks to this double campus, this gaming school offers innovative and particularly effective training to all its students.

Many professional opportunities with the EGS School

To make his passion for video games his profession, it is therefore necessary to follow a specific training today. Thanks to the gaming schools, it is now possible to train in the best possible way in the different professions that make up the world of gaming. By following a course at the EGS School, students benefit from a personalized program to progress quickly and orient themselves towards the specialty that really interests them. Thanks to the wide range of training offered by this school, the professional opportunities after leaving this school are very varied. From high-level eSports to web development, each student is trained according to his desires and his professional project.

With the EGS School, students thus benefit from particularly innovative training that is best suited to their pace of learning. Whether within the premises in Bordeaux or via the virtual campus, the students of this gaming school benefit from quality training that is accessible at their convenience. In order to train yourself in new gaming professions, do not hesitate to discover all the advantages of this Bordeaux school.

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