Electronic Arts confirms the development of Dead Space Remake and also shows a teaser during its EA PLAY Live 2021 event.

Well, boys and girls, in the end the rumor that many of us wanted to be confirmed. We will have a ration of Dead Space in the form of a remake . The first game, the scariest and coolest, will get a review thanks to Electronic Arts. And they also confirm this with a little trailer that shows us the typical enemies (necromorphs) and the protagonist Isaac Clark with his costume.

A costume which in the first video game we used to see the health of the character and which now appears in the very bright teaser. Below you can see the teaser they showed of the Dead Space remake and some footage.

Fans of the series will experience enhanced story, characters, gameplay and more as they fight to survive the nightmare living aboard the desolate mining ship, USG Ishimura, while uncovering the horrific mystery that lies behind envelops the massacre of his crew and the ship “

Dead space

The first video game in the Dead Space saga puts us in the shoes of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who will struggle aboard the Ishimura spaceship. Without knowing what happened to the crew, you will have to navigate the corridors and rooms of this enemy infested ship. While in other horror video games we have to shoot anything that moves, or the best thing to do, run, in Dead Space we will have to finish off the enemies by cutting off their limbs.

Of the numbered video games released from Dead Space, the first installment is likely to be the most loved and desired by fans. Developed by Visceral Games (let’s see who’s developing the remake now), it was and is a horror video game that will make our hair stand on end multiple times as well as constant tension for not knowing what lies ahead.

This Dead Space remake will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC Master Race.

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