Last year is the E3 2020 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was canceled due to the global pandemic. This year the show will take place, but as a purely digital event, the official details are not yet known. It was also not clear until now whether the online lounge or at least part of it will be located behind a paywall.

This hypothesis was expressed by colleagues at VideogamesChronicles, among others, in a recent article. As a result, those responsible for the game fair would put a payment barrier on certain content.

E3 2021: Free trade fair for all

But now there’s good news: The official E3 account responded to this post on Twitter and announced that the online show was a free event for all attendees. Soon they would also like to share all the news from the upcoming event with the public.

So you don’t have to worry that some content will not be accessible to you if you don’t pay money for it.

ESA made a similar statement to Gamespot:

“We’ve been working hard to provide a free experience for anyone interested in E3 2021 and look forward to sharing more details soon. ” 

A spokesperson then added that “there will be nothing at E3 2021 that is behind a payment pass or paywall.”

When does E3 take place in 2021?

ESA has yet to announce a date for this year’s E3. The fair is traditionally held every year from early to mid-June.

Apart from E3, other shows will take place this summer. For example, Microsoft and its Bethesda subsidiary are planning their own storefronts outside the living room. Other companies such as Sony and Co. are also expected to host their own events at different times this year to showcase their new games and share updates with the public.

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