In the face of growing concern about the premieres that Disney has made simultaneously in theaters and its ‘Premier Access’ service on Disney +, it has been reported that Dwayne Johnson, producer and star of ‘Jungle Cruise’, is not considering a move. publish a lawsuit against the studio for the hybrid release their film received, which has been pending release since 2019.

It is estimated that “Jungle Cruise” could generate around $ 25 million in its first weekend, having raised 2.7 million last Thursday in its previews, rising to between $ 12 million or $ 13 million on the first day of. its output, exceeding 7.7 million. dollars generated by “Cruella” on the first day of its release.

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A recent report from Deadline indicated that neither Dwayne Johnson nor his production company, Seven Bucks Productions, which was involved in the filming of “Jungle Cruise,” had any intention of suing Disney for any losses that might be generated by these hybrid models. premieres that Disney has implemented in some of its films.

The report notes that Johnson would agree with Disney’s strategy for launching “Jungle Cruise” because of the potential to reach more viewers in countries whose theaters are still inaccessible in the face of the conditions. the Covid pandemic. 19, as in the case of Southeast Asia.

Concerns about a possible legal action by Dwayne Johnson emerged after Thursday, July 29. Scarlett Johansson, star and producer of “Black Widow” due to a breach of contract by Disney during the launch of her film with a hybrid first between streaming and cinemas.

Johansson’s contract stipulated that the film would receive only one theatrical release and that it would receive a percentage of international box office revenue. “Black Widow” suffered a noticeable 67% drop in gross over its second weekend, something that was in part impacted by the film’s simultaneous release on Disney +.

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Recent reports indicate that Emma Stone is considering taking legal action for the treatment similar to her film “Cruella”. Unlike Disney, Warner Bros has entered into monetary loss settlements with the cast and directors of the films that are part of its simultaneous release strategy through HBO Max, which do not require additional payment from the streaming subscriber.

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