Fans of the movie “Charlie’s Angels” are constantly waiting for the new part. Recently, cult movie protagonists Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz gave them another reason to hope. Although, perhaps they were just teasing their audience.

Charlie’s Angels first aired in 1976. Then came action movies in 2000 and 2003 starring Diaz and Barrymore and Lucy Liu. Since then, rumors about a possible sequel to the film have not subsided among fans.

In her new post on the social network, Barrymore published a joint photo with Diaz. The actresses were captured hugging while walking along the coast in cloudy weather.

Drew Barrymore / Social Media

Followers of Drew Barrymore felt that the actress was hinting at a possible sequel to Charlie’s Angels. However, some subscribers called it “empty dreams.”

“Is this a nod to the new series of Angels? Take it off at last – the world needs it”, “Where is the third angel?”, “Cameron and Drew are teasing us again with the joint appearance in the frame”, “All these are empty dreams – there will be no continuation of the film,” the followers of the star responded.

Photo Source: Drew Barrymore / Social Media

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