The 44-year-old Queen of Spain Letizia is rightfully considered one of the most stylish representatives of the royal dynasty. Letitia, like no one else, knows a lot about fashion and is able to compete for the title of the most stylish representative of the monarchy, even with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. At any solemn and state events, Letizia always looks perfect.

The Queen understands colorful coats, business suits, overalls, as well as current shades and fashionable patterns. Letizia is a big fan of chiseled silhouettes, delicate floral prints and a master of finding fashionable pearls in the mass market. Some are sure: there is no merit to Laetitia, a whole team of talented stylists works for the Queen. Others believe that the wife of Philip VI has an innate sense of taste.

We show you the five most successful summer looks of Letizia and find out what the stylists have to say.

On August 1, Letizia presided over the closing of the 11th Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest 2021 in Palma, Spain. Her Majesty presented the Cinema Masters awards to actress Judy Dench and director Stephen Frears. At a secular exit, Letizia appeared in a dark blue silhouette dress with a flirty but democratic neckline at the bottom. Letizia created accents at the expense of a belt at the waist and drapery at the collar. The dress was complemented by silver heeled sandals.

Earlier, on July 22, Letizia held a working meeting with the Spanish Association Against Cancer at her headquarters in Madrid. At the meeting, Laetitia appeared in a discreet dress with a sun skirt made of dense fabric with a conceptual design. The queen complemented the look with wedge sandals and a brown belt to match. From the outside it seemed as if the dress was knitted, but in fact the designers managed to choose the right fabric.

On July 20, Queen Letizia held a working meeting with representatives of the Spanish Confederation of Mental Health at the Zarzuela Palace. For this meeting, she chose a snow-white dress with square polka dots with hard shoulders and “episcopal” sleeves, emphasizing her individuality. In it, the queen looked stern and as restrained as possible.

A few days before the departure of the Spanish national team for the Tokyo Olympics, Queen Letizia officially visited the athletes’ headquarters with her husband, Prince Philip. For this secular exit, the royal lady chose a laconic red dress of a noble and sensual shade with a branded skirt in the sun. The queen chose to open her hands, and the only decoration was the zipper in the front.

Just a couple of days earlier, Letizia wore a discreet indigo kraiola dress with a thin belt. In this form, the wife of Philip appeared at the official ceremony of farewell to the victims of the coronavirus. Letitia complemented the look with classic black pumps and the same bag.

Stylist Maria Tsigal advised the audience to follow Letizia’s example. According to the expert, the Spanish queen skillfully teaches those around her fashionable lessons.

“Queen Letizia is a style icon and trendsetter. When you look at her images, they seem completely perfect. They are very discreet, but very feminine and relevant. Everything fits perfectly – both color and shape. Every detail of the wardrobe only emphasizes the natural status of the queen. It is her images that can be used for inspiration, ”said the stylist.

“Most often, Letizia uses monochrome images. Notice how the colors complement each other! Even if we are talking about red, it looks as intelligent as possible, one might even say intellectually. At the same time, when choosing the next outfit, Letizia takes into account not only individual characteristics, but also the general situation in order to look as advantageously in the photo as possible, “Maria summed up.

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