It is as good as confirmed that you are Dragon Age 4 again on the Gray Guardians elite medal aka Gray Guardian will meet. Because Christian Dailey, executive producer of the game , has now posted a photo on Twitter showing one of the Full Armored Warrior shows.

Who are the Gray Guardians?

The Gray Wardens are made up of a number of warriors who stand out for their special distinguishing combat skills . They only recruit the best, regardless of their origin, social class or background. So it doesn’t matter if someone is a noble or a criminal. Those with sufficient talent are potential candidates for the commission.

The Gray Wardens have a job: The Gray Watchers don’t care about conventional issues. Your task is first of all to fight against them Arch demons (Archdemons) – ancient gods by the corruption have been corrupted and now as dragons on the side of the Dark Brood fighting.

Are we joining the Gray Wardens?

So far, BioWare has revealed little about the history of the game. However, they have confirmed in the past that the Dark Spawn will reappear. So it makes sense that we also have the See the Gray Guardians Become Again . However, their return in Part 4 was not yet certain.

In all likelihood, however, we will not join the order. Because this time around, the main character isn’t meant to be a prophesied hero fighting his way to a position of power. Much more, the story of “Dragon Age 4” should revolve around someone who has no power and faces a threat ignored by the authorities. If you were to join the Guardians, this description would no longer apply.

What else do we know about Dragon Age 4?

The fourth part of the RPG series ends directly at the end of the Inquisition Intruders DLC at. It is already certain that you are visiting the magical town of Tevinter and much of the game will take place here. Your opponent is Solas , an old friend of the predecessors.”Dragon Age 4″ © EA / BioWare

And the exit? The release date of “Dragon Age 4” is still unknown. However, you will need to be patient for a while. Because although the game already teased in 2016 there was one in 2019 Restart development and therefore a release will not be likely until 2022.

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