Meghan Markle has been criticized for a lot lately. Outfits, relationships with the royal family, participation in talk shows, and recently haters caught her in bad taste and that she does not look unbecoming of being a duchess. The reason was the video on the YouTube channel of the Penguin Random House publishing house, where Megan read the favorite book of Lilibet’s daughter “Bench”.

Some thought she was wearing too many jewelry, which the Daily Mail estimated to be worth nearly half a million dollars. And this, supposedly, is a sign of bad taste and betrays a simpleton in her. However, stylists have a completely different opinion. In an interview with the portal PopCornNews, stylist-image maker Elena Shaipova noted that Meghan Markle did everything right:

“I believe that a modern girl can wear diamonds when she wants to, and not be limited by conventions. Down with stereotypes! And the combination of them with a shirt and trousers just speaks of Meghan Markle’s good taste and tact. Now it is just actual to combine casual clothes with smart elements. “

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