The celebrity couple is hard at work preparing for their wedding.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t like the look of her boyfriend, actor Ben Affleck. The singer is a well-known fan of a healthy lifestyle. She decided to instill a love for sports in her beloved, and at the same time make him exchange stretched gray T-shirts for stylish clothes.

It is possible that Lopez’s efforts are connected with the upcoming wedding. The 52-year-old celebrity wants the groom to shine at the celebration no less than she does. Now 49-year-old Affleck gets up with roosters at five in the morning and goes for a run with his chosen one, and then burns calories in the gym.

As an insider close to the Hollywood couple told Suggest , the actor understands that he must match the beautiful bride, so it’s time to say goodbye to donuts and fast food. Training and diet should not be given to him with great difficulty: for the role of Batman, the actor pumped up a gorgeous press. And if for the sake of filming he was able to overcome himself, then for the sake of his beloved, even more so.

“Eat, exercise, sleep and repeat” is J. Lo’s motto. She herself lives by this principle. The same is happening now with Ben. It’s okay, she only wishes him health and longevity, so there’s nothing to worry about, ”said the source.

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