Dove Cameron

The Powerpuff Girls announced on Tuesday the main cast of the new live-action that will be released on The CW Coming Soon. The news generated a strong impact to meet the actresses who will put their bodies on the iconic characters of the 2000s and one of them stands out from the others by the strong impact she had on social networks: Colombe Cameron , interpreter of Bubble. The young woman was in fashion because eight years ago, she predicted that she would be chosen!

While there is no tentative release date yet, the project has progressed rapidly since its inception in August 2020 . This new version will have some marked differences from the animated series: The girls will actually be disillusioned in their twenties, who don’t want to waste their childhood fighting crime, but something is going to happen and the world will have more of it than ever before. need.

Chloé Bennet (28 years old) was chosen for the role of Chocolate , while a Yana Perrault (24 years old) they gave him the role of Gland . Although Bennet is recognized for her role as Skye in all seven seasons of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and Perrault has a rising singer career as a singer, none have had the repercussions of her new partner, Cameron .

The confirmation of the news made the young star trending and her fans have expressed their joy for the important role they have given her . Additionally, they highlighted a tweet he made in April 2013 where he expressed his desire to play Bubble in a live-action Powerpuff Girls. Unbelievable!

Who is Dove Cameron, actress of Bubble in The Powerpuff Girls?

The performer is 25 years old and multi-faceted: She is an actress, singer, model, dancer and songwriter . She became famous for her dual roles in Liv and Maddie and for leading roles in the films Cloud 9, Barely Lethal, Dumplin and the Descendants saga.

The big difference Cameron over his new colleagues is on social networks: it has 40.2 million subscribers on Instagram against 2.6 million Bennet Yes 17,200 Perrault . After the premiere of Descendants 3, it saw its numbers increase dramatically: last year it added seven million more subscribers .

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