After a few days there were also some pics and a little DOOM Eternal: Old Gods Part 2 teaser there is now the official trailer for the new story DLC. You can watch it here:

What Happens in The Ancient Gods Part 2?

Subsequent to taking a diversion to Section 1 Earth does this Blood Swamp in Hellfire investigate and diversion a little extraordinary Urdak what is likely the most energizing standoff in “DOOM Eternal” follows.

From the Doom Slayer fights his evil counterpart what an epic battle this has probably never been seen in any part of DOOM before. Bethesda writes:

So after contributing in the first part to the supreme evil the Dark Lord might wake up, now we are going to stop this once and for all. Because that was the plan after all? Awaken the supreme evil so that we can finally flatten it. Then the Doom Slayer finally has peace. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

It finally happens in front of a huge bastion of the Hell Fortress, after we can’t do without allies on the Doom Slayer side this time around.

We turn it into a post-apocalyptic land that in The Last of Us Remember, stop once again at Argent D’Nur to secure allies and a hammer that reminds us of the sword of “DOOM Eternal.” With the energy of Silver, and we must give it our all one last time in front of the fortress of hell.

Are you ready? The novelties are among others:

  • A baron of hell with a mighty morning star for his arm
  • DOOM 64 Nightmare Imps return
  • Dragons as a Companion: The Doom Slayer can now ride dragons, but maybe not in the gameplay itself – wait and see ?!
  • Silver Hammer can even be used in combat
  • New Maps and Zones in Known Worlds

The release date of DOOM Eternal: The Old Gods Part 2 is now certain. The new DLC appears Morning , March 18, 2021 . So you just need to be patient one more day before the great demon slaughter continues.

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