Stylist Vladislav Lisovets is sure that it is possible to create a bright, memorable image without colossal expenses. The main thing is to follow a few rules.

“People get stuck in a certain fashion and that’s boring. I have a basic wardrobe: a regular blue shirt, shoes closer to classic and an elegant coat. It mixes well with trends. From a narrow white sweater – to a wider one, from an outdated knee-length skirt – to a mid-calf skirt, black, straight. If nothing is changed in the wardrobe, then only your face will change. Change, ”said Lisovets in an interview with BLITZ + .


In addition, the fashion expert urges you not to hesitate to experiment with expensive and cheap things, because a skillful mix of luxury brands and a mass market can work wonders:

“It is better to mix: the bag, shoes are expensive, and the skirt, blouse and raincoat are just of good quality, even if not for expensive. Don’t be afraid of the mass market, especially if it suits you. I really love inexpensive, interesting things. “

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