Lene Nystrom

Aqua rocked discotheques in the 90s, and their pretty lead singer became a true teen role model after hitting Barbie Girl. However, over the years, Lene Nystrem managed to survive the collapse of the team, litigation and a painful divorce.

For her success, the star paid in full. In 2000, the band’s label was sued by Mattel – the doll manufacturer claimed that the famous song turned Barbie into a sexual object. After much debate, the American court nevertheless dismissed the case, advising the company to “cool down”.

Not everything was smooth andpersonal life of the vocalist. Nystrom dated bandmates and even married Seren Rasted in Vegas in 2001.The couple had a daughter, India, and a son, Billy. However, after 17 years of marriage, the stars broke up.

In 2019, the group decided to reunite after a pause. Now the musicians continue to perform throughout Europe, wrote The Sun. Surprisingly, the ups and downs of fate had almost no effect on the singer. At 48, Nystrom looks like a girl – in acid t-shirts, micro-shorts and multi-colored strands.

Lene Nystrom

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