Strap on your backpack, culprits we have to explore and survive on amazing islands as the Ferocious trailer shows us.

A game shooting with survival mechanisms and horror elements, located on a secluded tropical island. Sounds good, right? Well, that’s what the Fierce Trailer , a new FPS proposition. It’s inevitable not to think of great games like Crysis for a lot of reasons.

Its setting, its more open approach, or a world with realistic and deep systems so that you can see yourself immersed in it. And if you don’t believe us, just watch the video we left for you below. But without a doubt, the most incredible of all is that Ferocious is developed by one person.

In search of a group of missing journalists, Ferocious leads us to a tropical island shrouded in mist and shrouded in mystery. An island ruled by hostile forces, which make it a death trap for humans.

Hot climates, torrential rains and thick fog combine with craggy ravines and deep jungles that hide hideous, bloodthirsty creatures. A fight for survival where players must not only find lost people, but face the creatures that haunt them and survive on the island itself.

As its creator Leo describes, Ferocious revolves around the struggle between man and nature, with humans at the bottom of the food chain. “ While the island is scary, it can also be a beautiful and fascinating place, and a place that should just be left alone. “, Explain.

Humans have no place on this island, and to prove it, Leo talks about delivering raw, violent gameplay. “ And while the fight against other humans is action-oriented, it quickly turns into an experience of terror as soon as you find the creatures. “.

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