The Dimitris Tatarakis makes record debut with his first single ” I’m on the difficult “.

Dimitris Tatarakis takes his first steps in music, along with his run on the catwalks inside and outside the country

This is a brand new song written by George Papadopoulos and Olga Vlachopoulou , produced by Marios Psimopoulos which is released, along with music video, by Panik Records .

Dimitris Tatarakis, a fresh and bright person, has been involved in music since he was a child and plays the guitar, as well as sports, while he has been a champion in fencing with many distinctions. For some time he was a model with success in domestic and international modeling. His love for music is above all and, after proper preparation, he presents his first song. Panik Records, which has been highlighting and supporting new talents for ten years, introduces him to the public.

“I Am For The Difficult” is a modern pop and up-tempo track , which stands out from the first listen. In fact, George Papadopoulos embraces the project in another special way, as he does the back vocals , a fact honorable for the artist. The production is signed by the well-known composer and producer Marios Psimopoulos, adding a special atmosphere to the song. “I Am For The Difficult” is a song – message, for people who do not give up and remain fighters in every difficulty.

In the cinematic music video, directed by Giannis Papadakos , Dimitris Tatarakis wears the swordsman’s uniform again and returns to the facilities of the Panhellenic Gymnastics Association, the place where he started sports and excelled. Through the multi-symbolic video, the talented artist swords to the ingenious finale, showing that the essence lies in overcoming difficulties.

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