Bandai Namco announces the postponement of Digimon Survive to 2022, although after years we should still give up hope.

One day. I swear to you that one day we will see the promise of a good Digimon video game on sale. The little moment of glory that the franchise won in 2018 seems to have faded with the projects that started on the front lines. We shouldn’t be surprised at this point digimon survival time that the game takes until 2022… Minimum.

The same is our fault if we wait for something. TOEI Animation mentioned in its financial report that the game is slated for release towards the end of fiscal 2022. That’s not even a rough release window, so let’s hope Bandai Namco doesn’t announce the title will arrive much later. in the year. .

Or that it does not happen. At this point, we can consider Witchcraft to have the title in Development Hell . With delays dating back to 2019 and the absolute dead silence surrounding the title, we don’t have much hope for it. Even when its opening was made public, as if its development was about to be completed by then.

Digimon does not survive 2021.

Digimon Survive’s promise was one of the biggest for fans of the franchise when it was announced. An episode with visual novel touches, a great emphasis on story and decisions made, and turn-based tactical RPG combat? Go ahead, it sounds more than fantastic. This is the deal many of us have been waiting for with the resurgence of the saga in recent years.

Unfortunately, there is something going on between Bandai Namco and Witchcraft. The game seemed very advanced in its development at the time, but it has already been officially delayed four times. And not small delays like Kena’s, but entire years. This is what we have to do.

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