Life in the USA was not the easiest for Sophie Turner.

In the US, the actress achieved some success: there she starred in the TV series Game of Thrones, after which she woke up famous, and also got married and became a mother. Lately, however, Turner has increasingly said he wants to go back to England.

“I am slowly dragging my husband back, but he needs to be convinced of the need to move. I like living in America, but for my mental health, it’s better for me to be around friends and family, ”said Sophie.

Psychologist Alexander Tkhostov commented on such an overwhelming craving for the homeland . He recalled that there are different places in which a person feels comfortable. It also depends on who he is surrounded by, what kind of support he has. People often return to their native places because they have something valuable left there.

“Even big cities often leave, because there are more fragmented social relations. Big cities are more anonymous – yes, there are many opportunities, but there is also less support. And in such a situation, a person chooses where he is better off, ”he explained in a conversation with News.

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