No Time to Die will be Craig’s last as Bond. In this regard, rumors have intensified about the next actor for the role of an agent. True, they began to appear since the days of the “Spectrum”.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Daniel Craig shared his thoughts on a woman or black actor playing 007.

“The answer is very simple. Women and people of color just want better roles. Why would a woman play James Bond, if you can think of another role, no worse than Bond, but for a woman? “

The actor drew attention to the fact that Bond films are intended to entertain, and not solve socio-political problems and agitate for some ideas. Craig also spoke about the new writer, Phoebe Weller-Bridge, the creator of Trash.

“She has a kind of demonic sense of humor. And that influence is felt throughout most of the film. She managed to strike an incredible balance between thriller and something funny. “

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