Another new murder of women shocks Greek society after the murder of a 31-year-old man by her husband. There are many celebrities who have taken a public stand on this crime, but Despina Kambouri ‘s post was one of the most “powerful”.

In particular, the journalist and mother of two girls posted a photo with her husband and wrote in the accompanying message: “Strange and ominous thoughts today. On the one hand I feel sorry for the women who are lost so unjustly and on the other I thank God that I was loved by someone who respects and loves women.I tremble at the idea that my daughters may fall into the hands of a psychopath, a half-breed.Murder… Every now and then a new one.Caroline, Carnation, today the girl from Daphne.Love women If you no longer want them, separate them . If they make your life difficult, leave them. If you are pathologically jealous of them, go to a psychiatrist.But if you kill them, the worst that can happen to a human can happen to you. Women should be loved, protected. Not to be killed by spouses / partners / lovers. It’s really sad that this is happening. And it hurts a lot. “

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