After the scandal with Rihanna’s lover, designer Amina Muadi does not intend to terminate the collaboration with the singer.

Amina Muadi is a fairly well-known designer. In 2019, she won the Footwear News Achievement Award for Best Designer, which is like winning an Oscar in fashion. And recently, the name of the girl flashed in the headlines of the press, but the reason for this was not at all her professional achievements.

This spring, there was a rumor about Amina’s relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky, who is dating Rihanna. The singer at that time was in the last month of pregnancy. Later, this rumor was refuted, but the sediment, as they say, remained.

Perhaps Amina Muadi decided to somehow appease Rihanna and make her happy. The designer recently announced that she would be releasing a new sandal collection dedicated to the singer. The line will be called RIH, reports Hypebae . Previously, the artist has already collaborated with Amina – she released shoes for her brand Fenty. The designer also created a capsule collection with A$AP Rocky, which was promoted by Tina Kunaki.

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