Music critic Alexei Ostudin revealed the phenomenon of Depeche Mode’s popularity.

Depeche Mode co-founder Andy Fletcher has died this past day. The musician was 60 years old.

In an interview with the PopCornNews portal, music critic Alexei Ostudin appreciated the importance of Fletcher’s musical talent, and also recalled why all the youth of the USSR lit up the dance floors under Depeche Mode.

“You can’t say that an era died with Fletcher. He is not the kind of musician who brought something so new to music. I would not make a crazy tragedy in terms of creative heritage. The tragedy is that a famous, bright musician left, ”Ostudin shared his opinion.

The critic emphasized that the secret of the group’s success is in a special recognizable image and sound.

“The group had its own face, it was impossible to confuse it with anyone. At the same time, there was an active transformation. Starting with frivolous melodies, the band moves into a darker sound. They had a concept unlike any other,” the journalist believes.

Depeche Mode co-founder Andy Fletcher dies

In the Soviet era, Depeche Mode songs blared from every tape recorder. At the same time, at home, in the UK, musicians were not such popular favorites. For example, they have not received a single prestigious Brit Awards in the country.

“In the Soviet Union, it was a whole movement. In the 80s, three bands were at the peak of their fame: Depeche Mode, Modern Talking and Laskovy May. But the “modern” ones were too “sweet”, and Depeche Mode – it was real boy music, it was not a shame to listen to this, ”concluded the music critic.

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