In recent weeks there has been a lot to do about Demi Lovato (28) and her documentary ‘Dancing with the Devil’. In the documentary, the singer tells about her overdose from 2018 that almost fatalized her and in the last episode ‘Rebirthing’, which has been on YouTube since Tuesday, Demi tells, among other things, that she is not completely sober. A decision that not everyone agrees with. “Drinking in moderation doesn’t work. Sorry ”, it sounds for example with Elton John (74).

Demi Lovato struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for years in the past, but after her 2018 overdose, she slowly but surely got rid of her demons. Yet she is not completely sober in 2021. She describes herself as ‘California sober’, meaning she occasionally drinks a glass of wine and smokes some cannabis.

A decision that her team is struggling with, although they continue to support her. “It scares me that I know she’s not completely sober” and “We can only hope she’s right” are just some of the reactions from her team. Elton John, on the other hand, who also makes his appearance in the documentary, does take a clear position. “Drinking in moderation doesn’t work. Sorry ”, it sounds to the singer.

Precautionary measures

The singer also takes a series of precautions to prevent the situation from getting out of hand again in the future. When she feels depressed, she often immediately sends a message to someone close to her. She also gets shots of Naltrexone, a fairly infamous drug that prevents you from getting high on opiates. “Because I don’t want to go back to heroin,” Demi openly admits in her documentary.

Demi also tells in the documentary about some events from the past. When she was eighteen, doctors told her she was bipolar. Now she reluctantly admits that she was then misdiagnosed. “I have heard from several doctors that I am not bipolar. I misbehaved in several ways when I was 18, but this had nothing to do with it. I just had to grow up. ” The singer announced at the time that she was bipolar after she would have hit a dancer on tour. Now the singer honestly admits that there were other causes for her excessive behavior back then. 

Failed relationship

What is discussed in the last episode of ‘Dancing with the Devil’ is the relationship with her ex-fiancé Max Ehrich. When the filming of the documentary began, the two were still dating. When she looks back on their romance, the singer knows it was the right decision to end their engagement. “At one point I realized that I didn’t really know the person I was engaged to,” said Demi. Yet the breakup mainly had positive consequences for the singer. In the meantime, she has taken the time to think about her sexuality and now identifies herself as pansexual.

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