The developer of Death in the Light of Day , Interactive Behavior , he occasionally shares polls about his game to gauge player opinions on different issues, others are doing the rounds again.

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They sometimes focus on specific topics like changes in mechanics or characters, while some are more generalized, but they constantly have interesting questions about the future of Dead By Daylight and what the content will look like in the future.

The most interesting part of the latest survey is a section that asks gamers what potential licenses they would like to see added to the game with Demon Slayer , the Frayer anti-hero, and the most popular IPs included as quiz options. possible.

Having said that, IPs listed in the survey are quite interesting in themselves and perhaps also exciting, if you expect any of them to be considered for Dead By Daylight you can enter the link below. below to access the survey and find question 17 “Which possible license would you be more interested in being added to Dead By Daylight?” “

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The next known crossover of Dead By Daylight is the content for Resident Evil which will arrive in June.

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