What bad luck for Goffin in Barcelona. If he won, he might have a dream poster against Nadal, but an injury decided otherwise. The Briton Cameron Norrie seemed feasible, but it soon became apparent that he would not surrender without a fight. Norrie started the game strong and didn’t miss a chance. Goffin was under constant pressure and had to endure the match surprisingly. The first set therefore ended on a heavy 0-6 in favor of Norrie. 

Our compatriot had to recover in the second set, but Norrie refused to release his hold. Consistency appeared to be the code word at the beginning of the 2nd set. Goffin made too many mistakes, while his British opponent missed few opportunities. Halfway through the set, the turnaround seemed to have started and Goffin took the lead for the first time this game: 3-2. 

De Liège seemed to have found the right rhythm, but Norrie did not burst. Goffin seemed on his way to the set win after groin grooming, but the injury turned out to be too serious to continue playing. Cameron Norrie will therefore advance to the quarterfinals. The Briton will meet the winner of the game between Rafael Nadal and Kei Nishikori that will be played later today.


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