Daniel Craig already had several films on his resume, but the actor only really became world famous when he took over from Pierce Brosnan in 2005. That’s when the British actor took on the role of James Bond for the first time for the film ‘Casino Royale’. In the documentary ‘Being James Bond’, Daniel now says that he did not expect the role to have such a big impact on his life. “Suddenly my private life came into the limelight. It was so bad that I locked myself at home and closed the curtains. I was just crazy and felt bad both physically and mentally.”

The ‘James Bond’ actor had a hard time with the fact that he had suddenly become world famous. “I didn’t like it, but luckily Hugh Jackman was there to help me. He has helped me to learn to accept it and appreciate it.” In addition, Craig admitted that he initially doubted whether he would accept the role. “I was going to read the script and then decline their proposal.” In reality, however, things went a little differently. Daniel Craig eventually liked the script of ‘Casino Royale’ so much that he had a hard time turning down the part. “The story was just rock solid.”

big hangover

Barbara Broccoli, the producers of the ‘James Bond’ films, got it right. She was determined to bring Daniel Craig on board. “It was always clear to me that he is a real star and a fantastic actor.” At the film studio itself, they wanted to have other actors audition, but Barbara was sure of her piece. Finally, she called Daniel personally to tell him the good news. He himself could hardly believe the news, so he immediately reached for “a bottle of vodka, a vermouth and a cocktail shaker”. Not such a good idea, because it gave the actor a hangover for about three days.

Daniel Craig hasn’t always had an easy time on set during his career as James Bond. During the recording of ‘Spectre’ (2015), for example, he broke his leg. Still, he was determined to continue filming. This experience meant that Craig didn’t feel like taking on the role of the famous character any longer. “It was really hard and I just needed a break.” Finally, Daniel Craig returned one last time for ‘No Time To Die’. “I am proud of what I have achieved and saying goodbye to James Bond is certainly not easy,” he said in his farewell speech at the time.

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