Having escaped from the fuss and palace intrigues, the Dukes of Sussex again got into trouble. If before that Harry only complained about the insecurity within the UK, now the fugitive monarchs do not feel safe even under the roof of their home in Montecito.

It is known that the mansion of the star spouses is equipped with a modern security system, in addition, they are now protected by bodyguards. But this is nothing compared to the neighbor of the crowned couple. As writes Express , a cougar or mountain lion has been sighted in Santa Barbara County, where Harry and Meghan Markle now live.

Apparently, due to the drought, the wild animal ran out of food, so it went down to the city in search of food. The situation is extremely serious: Montecito authorities urged local residents to strengthen the security of houses and turn on devices to scare away predators. Earlier it was reported that the Dukes tried to rob for the sixth time

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