Danai Barka gave an interview to Spyridoula Triantou about the “Secret” of Parapolitics.

The popular presenter spoke, among other things, about whether the public forum is finally accompanied by a “public filter”, but also about the criticism she received in her television debut.

You have given courage to many women to walk around proudly in whatever body type they have. Do you think that your every move should be “filtered” since you send a lot of messages?

I believe that everything needs a limit. We live in an age where the “stoning” of people and the “war zone” have become a habit. Everything is judged 100 times, we all have an opinion on everything, we all “shoot” people without thinking about what we might cause. I’m happy if I manage and help, although I consider it self-evident that women like men should love themselves, no matter what they are. I am glad if some people take courage from me and I will never stop doing it. However, “moderation is excellent”, as Kleoboulos said.

A lot has been written about you since your beginning. That you won’t stay, that the show will be cut, that you won’t stand out. How did they affect your psychology?

Sometimes they upset me, sometimes I didn’t care. I told myself that the whole Earth does not revolve around a job, nor about myself, so I tried to deal with other matters and not be affected. I’m in full communication with the channel people about what’s coming up and there’s a lot of love and understanding, so I feel safe.

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