One week after his victory at Eurovision, the frontman of the Maleskin band, Damiano David, gave an interview to “Proto Thema”.

Of course, he also referred to the issue that arose, since he wanted him to use drugs in the green room of the cooking competition, however this was denied after the toxicological tests he did.

In the excerpt from the interview that aired on “Ela Hamogela”, he says: ” I felt personally offended, so I offered to take a substance test from the first moment . From the first moment we made it clear that we have never used substances and we are “Against drugs. Obviously we were bothered by the whole issue that arose, because we want people to talk only about our music. But our clear conscience made us have no doubts. We would never do that.”

He went on to say: “We did not treat Eurovision as a race or the other contestants as competitors. We really liked Ukraine, Finland and Belgium.”

Finally, speaking about Greece, he said: “We have come to Greece only for holidays so far but we really want to come back to give a concert in your wonderful country.”

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