Meghan Markle, who celebrated her 40th birthday, accidentally spotted her baby daughter from Prince Harry. Lilibet was born in the first days of June. The audience learned that Megan became a mother for the second time by accident: for a long time, the star spouses hid the fact of Harry’s second paternity.

Elizabeth, according to press reports, was one of the first to see the child: the girl was shown to the Queen in a specially created chat. The other day, the audience was also honored.

In honor of her 40th birthday, Markle recorded a video message calling for charity. In the background, attentive fans saw a frame on the table. There were three pictures in it, in one of which Harry was touchingly holding baby Lilibet in his arms. True, the image turned out to be so blurred that only a select few could see it in detail.

Now the audience is looking forward to when Harry and Megan will officially show the child. In the meantime, the press is wondering who the baby looks like.

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