Hollywood diva Megan Fox shed light on her relationship with children. The star of “Transformers” gave birth to three sons and they do not have a soul. The only thing that upsets the 35-year-old celebrity is that she often has to leave the boys because of her employment in a lot of film projects.

According to celebrity, she cannot hold back her tears when she manages to snatch a minute and call her sons. She often cries in the bathroom because she is having a hard time without her boys. The actress feels a strong connection with them.

Meghan can only hope that when nine-year-old Noah, eight-year-old Bodie and five-year-old Journey grow up, she will be able to visit them more often.

“When I manage to talk to them on the phone, I hang up and cry in the bathroom. I love them so much and want to be there forever. But I know that there is a father next to them who will take care of the boys. And I rush to them at the first opportunity, ”Fox quotes Glamor UK .

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