In life, the heroine Meryem Uzerli shed the blood of rivals for the sake of happiness with her beloved.

The beautiful love story of Sultan Suleiman and his beloved concubine Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska attracted millions of viewers around the world. The girl charmed the heir to the Ottoman dynasty and became his wife. PopCornNews has collected five of the most interesting facts about the redhead seductress.

Nobody knows Hurrem’s real name. In the series, the name Roksolana will sound several times, but it has almost nothing to do with the girl herself. In those days, all the concubines of Slavic appearance were called that. Historians argue about two names: Anastasia or Alexandra Lisovskaya, but there is no consensus even after six centuries.

The beautiful love story of Sultan Suleiman

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska in life was distinguished by a cruel disposition. Having become a haseki-sultan, the girl decisively got rid of objectionable rivals. They were either executed or tortured. There are cases when the unfortunate were put in a bag with snakes, and then dumped into the Bosphorus.

The concubine was a laundress. Surprisingly, the future wife of the Sultan at first washed things in the castle of the future chosen one. The girl often sang songs in her own language: either Russian, or Polish or Lithuanian. There are suggestions that this sweet-voiced beauty attracted her future husband.

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska

Roksolana wrote love letters. Hurrem sent tender messages to her beloved husband. This is evidenced by the messages found by historians. Sometimes touching words were read between the lines, and sometimes they were spoken openly. Interestingly, not a single response letter from the Sultan was ever found.

No one knows if Hürrem Sultan was a dazzling beauty, like in the series. Historical events take us back to the 16th century. Then religion strictly forbade artists to paint women from nature. Portraits are rather just an idea of ​​​​the appearance of Suleiman’s wife. And the surviving evidence describes Roksolana as an erudite and educated person, but not as a fatal beauty.

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