Queen Elizabeth II has been consecrated, surpassing Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, as the longest-lived monarch of recent times. So much so that any series that plans to capture its life chronologically would have to have more than ten seasons, which won’t happen in The Crown .

Created by Peter Morgan, The Crown has already four seasons released on Netflix and, in fact, filming of the fifth installment will begin next July. Of course, the director confessed that on several occasions he had the idea of ​​ending his series in a sixth edition, so much in the history of the British monarchy will be omitted.

This is why, following the chronological order maintained by this super production from the streaming giant, the next chapters will focus on the 90s when Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry were just children. And, as it turned out, the new season will culminate with the death of Diana of Wales, when the Dukes were just teenagers.

In other words, season six is ​​expected to arrive with Prince Charles’ children already adults and entering his college life. But, it looks like the story of the Windsor brothers will end there as Morgan confessed he felt more comfortable ” writing things that happened 20 years ago ”  So much so that he will omit recent events around the Duke of Sussex.

Princes Harry and William will be excluded from the Crown.  Photo: (Getty)
Princes Harry and William will be excluded from the Crown. Photo: (Getty)

However, yesterday afternoon Harry co-created the documentary series The Me You Can’t See via Apple TV with Oprah Winfrey and confessed to things that could be of great interest to The Crown . Referring to mental health, which encompasses the whole program, the Duke spoke of his personal experience after the death of his mother: ”  I was very angry with what happened “, he assured and later confessed that after what happened, not many people around him spoke about the princess.

But the most unexpected story came later when the prince confessed that as an adult he had experienced the worst time of his life. ”  From 28 to 32 it was probably a nightmare time in my life, I drank the equivalent of a week in a day, Friday or Saturday night “, He told a surprised Winfrey and closed: ” I found myself drinking not because I liked it, but because I was trying to hide something, I was ready to drink and do drugs, to try things that would help me not to to feel what I was feeling ”.

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