Very soon, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will crawl to Queen Elizabeth on their knees. Katie Hall, the royal expert, told the press with confidence. Not long ago, Harry and Meghan signed a deal with the Spotify platform. According to the terms, the spouses were supposed to record several podcasts, but they missed the deadline.

Even then, the press started talking about possible financial problems. Now, according to Hall, the situation is getting worse, moreover, Megan has a birthday on her nose. A happy mother of two children is preparing to celebrate the holiday in style and will certainly not waste time on trifles.

“This is the biggest threat when the money runs out. And they are already ending, which is why Harry decided to write the book. The royal family will be nervous, but Harry and Meghan are only at hand. Bye ”, – says Hall Mirror .

It is possible that very soon Harry will turn to his grandmother for help. It is far from a fact that the latter will agree to help her grandson. From that moment, the royal experts are sure that the spouses will have real problems.

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