We were waiting for a trailer, but they only gave us a release date for the Cowboy Beebop live action and… a musical detail.

Well, Netflix has trolled us, guilty. We were really looking forward to the company’s Geeked Week finally showing us something, but not for those. Yes, it’s true that we have an approximation for the Cowboy Beebop live-action release date … But nowhere near what we wanted.

The company made the announcement with a small video in which it gives a detail that, perhaps, almost all fans of the original anime will appreciate. And is that the composer of the soundtrack of said anime will be responsible for giving the musical touch to the live action itself. We’re talking about Yoko Kanno . And they did it with a nice psychedelic trailer that… well, it could be called a couple of ways.

Be careful, let’s not get confused, the news is very good and shows that what happened in his time with Death Note is not something Netflix wants to repeat. He takes it seriously and tries to get it right. But when you wait for a trailer and they show you that, it leaves you in a bit of a shock, really.

Anyway, at the end of the video, a little text confirms that the season will be broadcast on the platform in the fall of this year. So yeah, it looks like we’ll run out of delays and “soon” we’ll get that first glimpse of live action that keeps us all going. Out of fear, of course. But also with a bit of hype.

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