CAUTION, SPOILER ALERT. After Luis’ death, in the second season of ”  Control Z “, the Mexican Netflix series, a mysterious Avenger refuses to leave the past behind him and asks for justice? He seizes the victim’s social networks and begins to threaten retaliation those who have made his life hell.

Once again, it will be up to Sofia to find out who is behind it all, but the longer it takes to unmask the perpetrator and his true intentions, the more the students of the National School will be attacked.

The first victims of the Avenger are Darío and Ernesto, who are buried in a cemetery. Then, they violently attack Alex, start a fire in Luis’s house, and during Rosita’s party, Maria is poisoned and it is revealed that she has an abortion with the help of a new friend, Claudia.

The next day, Natalia appears at school after having lived through a traumatic night, however, it was not because of the Avenger but because of the drug dealers to whom she owes money. Meanwhile, Sofia receives a threat to stop investigating the identity of the assailant.


A final visit to Marta’s house allows Sofia to discover that everything the Avenger has done was inspired by Luis’s drawings, meaning that next on the list is Rosita. While the protagonist of ”  Control Z ” focuses on protecting his partner, the anonymous character changes his medications and sends him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Natalia and María try one last time to get the money. After the idea of ​​the dating app fails, the sisters decide to trick Javier’s father into giving them the money they need in exchange for the compromising videos. However, it also goes badly, mainly because Javi arrives and sees them together.

As Gerry agrees to be the bait to catch the Avenger with Raul’s help, Sofia reveals that she pretended to take the wrong pills only to finally find out the person who tormented everyone at the National College.

Towards the end, it is revealed that the avenger is Alex, who forces Gerry to record a suicide video and asks Raúl to post an Instagram poll to decide Luis’s killer’s future. Sofia and Javier arrive in time to avoid another tragedy.

Upon learning that Natalia has been kidnapped, Javier wants to use the money Alex stole from Raúl to save her. Whoever was the hacker in the first Objects installment and when the new director appears everyone starts fighting for the briefcase. Eventually, Susana falls from the roof and Pablo takes the money.


The end of the second season of ”  Control Z ” got off the road ready for a third installment, but so far Netflixhasn’t made any announcements on the future of Mexican youth drama.

Will Susana survive the fall? His condition appears to be serious, but he was still breathing at the end of season two. Will Pablo use the money to save Natalia? What will happen to Alex? How are they going to explain the situation? Is Gerry going to surrender to the authorities? These are the main questions that a third season will have to answer.

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