Prince William’s aristocratic circle reluctantly accepted his future wife.

2007 was a difficult year for Kate Middleton. She felt “isolated and abandoned” in the royal family and worried that she did not fit in with William’s entourage.

According to the Daily Star , the prince’s friends and court officials indulged in “snobbish taunts” directed at Carol Middleton, Kate’s mother. In the past, Carol was a regular flight attendant, but then she founded her own company and was able to make millions.

However, when Kate was not around, the prince’s friends joked about her mother’s previous career, according to a report from the royal correspondent Vanessa Allen. The courtiers also believed that Kate Middleton was not suitable for the prince, since her mother did not have sufficient eloquence.

Prince William was under such strong pressure from influential friends who looked down on his future mother-in-law that he decided to part ways with Kate. But after a few months, the couple reconciled.

Today, the Duke of Cambridge is very close to the Keith family. He even calls Michael and Carol “dad” and “mom.”

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