After a long silence, Devin Ratray finally made himself felt. True, it would be better if he did it differently. It turned out that the actor known for his role as Kevin’s nasty brother from the movie “Home Alone” is now under investigation.

He is suspected of a sexual offense committed against a friend. It is known that the application from the victim Lisa Smith has not been considered for a long time – since 2017. And yet, the cops got to work.

Smith herself claims that that evening she was in the company of Ratray, as well as his friend and her brother. At some point, the star “pumped” his victim with illegal substances, and when the other two guests left, he allegedly committed an illegal act against her.

By the way, this is not the first time Devin Ratray has been accused of breaking the law: for example, last year, a former celebrity lover stated that he tried to strangle her. The last case will be considered in October, writes Super .

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