The main brawlers of the Stars in Africa project will return to the show.

The team of the TV show “Stars in Africa”, together with the permanent hosts Olga Buzova and Mikhail Galustyan, is again preparing for a big trip to the hot continent. And this means that the audience is waiting for a new season. It became known who will take part in it. Spoiler: the authors took a desperate step.

As planned, the third season will unite the participants of the previous two. Again, the main brawlers will compete for the prize of five million rubles – Comedy Woman star Oleg Vereshchagin and actor Stanislav Yarushin. Also, Vali’s beloved Karnaval Sasha Stone and blogger Karina Kross will again take part in exciting competitions.

Not without newcomers. According to the portal , blogger Hussein Hasanov received an invitation to the TV project.

Earlier, Stanislav Yarushin, in an interview with News, revealed the secrets of “survival” in the scandalous show.

“They are the faces of several charitable foundations and are constantly seen in noble deeds,” Makarov recalled. “I think it’s just a business story.”

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